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¡Hola! We are Maitrise. Here's how we can help you get fluent in Spanish


Live online classes with native speakers

There is no substitute for live interaction when it comes to language learning. Take live online classes with a native speaker and small groups of learners from all over the world


International certification.

All our courses are geared towards international certification exams like the DELE and the SIELE. We will prepare your for these exams also. Without any additional fee


Very affordable

Language learning with live classes does not have to be expensive. With Maitrise, you save at least 50% of your fee without compromising on the quality. You can check out the comparison below.


One week free trial

Here's an offer you can't refuse. Take us for a trial run, for 1 week. Get to know us, our teaching methods and our trainers. No credit card required, and no gimmicks. At the end of the week, if you are absolutely happy with the classes, you can register with us. This way, it is absolutely risk free for you.


Recordings for every class

Every class is recorded. So, you will never miss a class in case you are travelling, or have an engagement you can't skip. After the class, you will be able to access the recordings, and get in touch with the trainers if you have any questions

Compare us.

We have double the number of benefits for you compared to other institutes at less than half the price.

A Major offline Spanish institute

  • Native and certified trainers
  • Preparation for the DELE at an extra cost
  • End of program certification


Approx $19/hour

A Major online Spanish institute

  • Native and certified trainers
  • Preparation for the DELE at an extra cost
  • End of program certification

$399/20 hours

Approx $20/hour


  • Native and certified trainers
  • Recordings available for every class. So, you don't have to miss a class
  • Free Weekly conversation online meetings
  • DELE/SIELE preparation FREE with the course
  • End of Program Certification



Take a risk free 
1 Week trial 

Rave Reviews From Our Learners

Valeria is an incredible human being, a tremendous teacher. She is responsible, passionate and enthusiastic in teaching. Very helpful and friendly. One can easily converse with her and ask for useful feedback at any point of time. Excellent tutor who goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are well-equipped with the materials being taught in class. She never hesitates to give additional resources and feedback to her students and treats us all equally. Her enthusiasm has definitely rubbed off on her students and have let them to be more attentive and active in class. [I want] to contribute more and learn more under her guidance.” In addition, the entire team of Maitrise is also amazing and very supportive. - Nandini Pant

It was a great experience as our teacher, Valeria is dedicated, patient, professional with excellent teaching skills. Valeria managed to take everyone forward at a similar pace even with such diverse students and at different age groups and levels. Valeria is extremely patient and proactive, accessible and very quick to respond to doubts and questions, sometimes random, 😀 in a short time frame. With her guidance and training I cleared two levels fairly easily and hope to do many more. Many many thanks to Valeria - Anu Iyer

"I took my Spanish A1 course @ Maitrise. Never before did I look forward to attending a class (like an ideal student). The trainer gives a fantastic ride along the course and makes it fun and worth attending to."- Aditya Hari

"I joined the basic batch and have now joined the advanced level. It has been a fun and exciting journey all the way. Overall I had a great time and learned a lot too. 
They are great teachers and very nice people too. Muchas Gracias for everything  :) - Anirban Debaprabha Das


What does Maîtrise mean?

Maîtrise is the French word for mastery and command.

When was it established?

We started in 2008 and over the last 13 years, and we have trained over 7000 students from around the world.

What happens if I miss my classes?

If you miss your class, you can always access the recordings. Once you go through the recordings, you can ping your trainer with any questions you have.

What about course material?

We use a mix of modern textbooks and online resources for all our courses. We will give you access to all of these and much more.

When does the next batch start?

We have new batches starting every Monday

How do I sign up?

You can sign up below for a 1 week free trial session and meet your trainer. If you are happy with the trial sessions, you can sign up.

Fill up the form below for your free 1 week trial